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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Discarded and Unwanted, Sarah is Loved and Cherished by her Furever Family

Sarah MO was pulled from an animal shelter near Ferguson Missouri.  Sarah, a small, 14# black and tan Beagle/Dachshund mix was just perfect.  Her attitude, her personality, her size, her temperament.  She was going to make a phenomenal addition to any family.

BUT Wait…just down the road, in a neighboring county animal shelter, Bunni was discovered, and if one didn’t know any better, one would swear they were sisters, brought together by Jenny Edwards and the gift of fate.

Jenny posted for a rescue for these two girls.  Almost Home Foster & Rescue was tagged and after jostling the numbers, we said, “Yes.”

On December 29th, Sarah and Bunni of Missouri made their way to Minnesota and became an AHFK pack member.

They did everything together.  Played, ate, slept, and ruled the littles together.  They even left for their furever homes and families within days of each other.

Sarah left the AHFK home first.  We travelled about 2 hours East, crossing the Viking/Packer border.  Here Sarah found her family and her furever home.  Sarah’s mom and dad both work from home, ensuring that she receives all the love and patience, guidance, and direction that she needs.  She even has two hooman sisters who adored her upon first sight.

Thank you, Eric and Missy and girls, for opening your hearts and home to Sarah, for giving her the family and life she so richly deserves.

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