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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Dieter’s Misfortune Gets Him A Second Chance

Dieter had a family once.  He lived with his family in West Virginia.  His living conditions were not ideal; in fact, they were downright dangerous.  His human parents were drug addicts.  None-the-less, Dieter’s dad really loved him.  Then, his dad was gone…he died.  His mom, with no love-lost, was quick to post Dieter as “needing to be gone.”


Laura Maddox, animal activist, transporter extraordinaire and lover of all animals saw the “free posting” for Dieter and contacted AHFK.  Did we, or could we, make room for one more West Virginia furbaby?  We already had two scheduled to come to MN from WV, what was one more?

Laura found a foster that would take care of Dieter; remove him from his current, unstable environment, get him vetted and readied for transport, and show him the love and attention that he had been missing.

This past weekend Dieter found his new dad – Ron.  This home, this family was one with clean living, and included many a walk on trails with  beautiful, wooded landscape backdrops.  Dieter’s new dad is retired and has all the time in the world to devote to him.

Dieter…you struck gold little one!  You hit the jackpot!

Thank you, Ron, for opening your heart and home to this little boy.  Thank you for giving him a family.

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