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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Charlie W. Found His Furever Home After Escaping the Needle…Twice

Charlie W, Duke of Windsor, of North Carolina that is, narrowly escaped the needle, twice. Charlie found himself incarcerated, unclaimed and a day away from euthanasia due to lack of space. To save this poor, gentle boy, he was transferred to another county shelter in hopes of giving him time – time for a family to come forward and give him a furever home.
Time went by and no one came. Once again, Charlie found himself on the “list.” Shelters are overwhelmed with numbers, and although no individual, no shelter, no organization likes to make the decision, there is not space for all of the strays, the abandoned, the dumped, the abused animals that filter in to the shelters and pounds.
Time was running out for Charlie. Almost Home Foster MN License #132328 Foster Momma Donna Williams visited the shelter looking for a soul in need. Donna found Charlie. Donna contacted AHFK. “Dianne, I spent time with him. He is a sweet, sweet boy. So gentle. I will foster if you will take.”
Well, fosters make the rescue world go ’round!
Charlie was vetting and transported to Minnesota. And yesterday, Charlie continued his journey to find his furever home and family.
Anne and Richard, long time Beagle parents were now ready to open their hearts and home to another. After losing their fur-baby 2 1/2 years ago to cancer, they longed to fill their home and lives with another, another Beagle.
In typical Beagle fashion, Charlie welcomed the love and attention that Anne and Richard had to offer. His new abode comes complete with floor to ceiling windows; a true Canine Amphitheater, an enclosed deck with unlimited access, and two doting, stay-at-home parents who have nothing by time and love to give.
Charlie, not one to sit still, was enthralled with all of the new amenities that his furever home provided. Getting his photo was quite a chore. It was time to explore.
Thank you, Anne and Richard, for opening your hearts and home to our “Duke.” We are furever grateful.

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