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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

Belinda Finds her Home and Family with Anita

In June of 2023 Almost Home Foster & Rescue agreed to help three local breeders with downsizing their numbers. Belinda, a 4 year old Blue Merle English Bulldog was one that was released to AHFK, entrusting us to find her furever family and home.
And, we did just that.
Anita had applied to AHFK previously for a Bully breed. However, the application came in late and homes were found. We knew that we would be taking in a couple more Bulldogs and Anita was notified as soon as they had received their vetting and were ready for adoption.
Anita made the trip to Albert Lea for the initial meet and greet, and a week later we set out – taking Belinda home, home to Anita and to her very own home.
Thank you Anita for giving Belinda the time, love, patience that she needs and deserves. Thank you for giving her a family and a home. We are furever grateful.

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