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Bear – Pupdate

Bear was surrendered to AHFK.  He was living in West Virginia.  His family was unable to spend the quality time needed to properly train him; young family, new baby.  AHFK was contacted.  We were unfamiliar with this breed.  So we contacted Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies for help.  Within a week of arriving at AHFK, Bear continued his journey to the mountains; to the great state of Colorado.
Bear was quickly adopted.  The following is from his new Colorado Momma.  She couldn’t be happier.
I adopted Bear, now Joey, and he is awesome! Well, he needs some leash training but overall, he’s just what I was looking for. I’ve volunteered with GRRR for about 25 years. I lost my Golden, Darby, in December and wanted a playful but smaller dog. My other Golden, Bodhi, is pretty playful and I thought he would like a buddy. Bodhi is very loving and is a therapy dog at a hospital. I’m not used to the rough wrestling but they look like they have fun. Joey loves toys and they’re all over the house. I have my own business and work at home, and he’s pretty chill hanging around, usually under my desk. I like that he’s playful but then pretty quiet when we’re hanging out. He’s so adorable. A gets a little crazy when he sees squirrels, so I’ve been taking them to other parks with fewer trees and squirrels.
Joey will live a great life with us, go on 1 or 2 walks a day and hopefully soon mountain hikes get great food, and most importantly, he will be loved.
Thank you, and please thank the big transport team who got him to Colorado! I’m glad his former owners knew that he would live a better life elsewhere. Feel free to send this to the team so they know Joey is in a great forever home

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