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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

Aspen Gets the Whole Family Package…A Dream Come True

Aspen, a small, petite, Lemon Beagle was surrendered to Almost Home Foster MN License #132328 earlier this month. The inquiries and applications were abundant. She was the perfect size – 14# , a “Lemon,” quiet, atypically for a Beagle, and a cuddler…man, could she cuddle. Her desire for a pet, a love, a lap was intense.
What Aspen couldn’t tolerate was to be crated, penned-up, contained. She was the greatest of escape artists. She can scale a 6ft fence before one could close the gate. She can work her way out of a crate in no-time. She has used her little teeth to gain freedom many a time as some are missing and broken, conducive to chewing her way out of confinement.
Aspen needed a family who could be home with her, at least one parent. She needed a family that was active in walking, teaching, had patience and a lot of love to give, and who are familiar with the Beagle nose, ears, and traits. Aspen found that family this weekend.
Howard and Brenda are both retired. Both are immensely active in the care of their furbabies; they were already rifting about “who was first.” First to take her for a walk, first to begin training; Howard loves to train, Brenda loves to give her yards to sniff and put her Beagle nose to use. It all made me smile.
Aspen, baby-girl, you got the whole family package. I wish for all our AHFK fosters to have this family package. You are loved. You will be cared for. You are golden. Howard and Brenda, thank you for giving Aspen her family. Thank you for allowing AHFK to help complete your family.

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