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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

A Second Chance for Ruby…Life is Oh, So Sweet!

In June of 2023 Almost Home Foster & Rescue agreed to help three local breeders with downsizing their numbers. Ruby, a three year old Red Merle English Bulldog was released to AHFK because of this agreement.
Almost Home Foster MN License #132328 has learned a great deal in the past few months about the Bully Breed. We have learned that they are a stubborn bunch. They have a bully stomp to them when they are defiant, a unmatched power behind their pull and a breed that loves like no other. I have come to respect and love this stubborn breed.
Ruby is all of the above. Leash training was a chore. Gaining her trust was, at times, frustrating and overwhelming, but time, patience, perseverance and a calming voice is what Ruby needed to get over her human hurdles.
Teddi and Sheldon could give Ruby all of that. Between their work schedules, split shifts and full weekends, and their quiet, calming voices, Ruby found the perfect home and family, complete with a Olde English Bulldog fur-sister, Nina who will show her the routine and ropes that she will need. Sometimes one feels as if finding the right home and family is a crap-shoot, but when Teddi walked out to meet us upon our arrival, with tears in her eyes, claiming that Ruby was “so beautiful,” and the gentle hands and voice calmed Ruby’s shaking body and fears immediately, I knew that Ruby was home.
Thank you Teddi and Sheldon for being that perfect family. For not only calming Ruby’s fears, but mine as well. Thank you for opening your heart and home to this Bully girl.
Heart Hugs!

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