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Dianne Snater
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MN LIcense #132328

A Family’s Selfless Act Nets Flynn the Perfect Furever Home and Family

Flynn came to Almost Home Foster & Rescue when the living arrangements and family dynamics changed.  Apartment living, restricted activity, hours left home alone was not what the family wanted for Flynn; they knew that he deserved so much more….and he got it.


Flynn found his furever home and family last weekend.  Gene and Barbara lost their 14-year-old Black Labrador, Buddy, in July.  “He was the best dog ever,” and they miss him terribly.  But they also knew that they had the time, compassion, and love for another.


Both Gene and Barbara are retired.  They have a beautiful, securely fenced yard, and Gene had all the balls and toys ready for Flynn.  They were in the backyard throwing and retrieving even before I left.


I even watched as they rearranged furniture in the front living room to accommodate Flynn, allowing him maximum view area out the picture window.  He took his station, patrolling for vermin and passerby’s.


Flynn’s original family had a hard time letting him go.  They knew that their current situation was not a healthy one for Flynn.  They knew that another could provide him with what he needed and deserved.  They made a selfless decision to relinquish him to rescue so a proper environment and home could be found.


Gene and Barabara, thank you for opening your hearts and home to Flynn.  Thank you for giving him a chance to have a family that could meet all his needs and more.  We are furever grateful.

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