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Dianne Snater
Almost Home Foster
MN LIcense #132328

It Might Be Déjà Vu…

Feel Like You’ve Been Here Before? It Might Be Déjà Vu…
Well, that is what today felt like, and it was.
Two weeks ago, Marshall, our breeder-release Schnauzer, was adopted by Gloria and Bob.
Also, two weeks ago, upon leaving Gloria and Bob’s home, we traveled to the home and family of Dan and Melissa.  Bugz was adopted.
Today, we traveled once again to the home of Gloria and Bob.  This time Parti found her furever home and family.  And, she is once again reunited with Marshall, who by the way was her breeding partner in a past life.
Then…once again onto the home and family of Dan and Melissa where Ghost found his furever home and family.  Déjà Vu…I think so!
At the time that Marshall was welcomed into the hearts and home of Bob and Gloria they let me know that they would like a second Schnauzer.  They had always had Schnauzers, and they have always had a pair.  If another became available, preferably from the same breeder, they would like to adopt that one as well.
So today, Parti joined Marshall where she was welcomed with, literally, open arms and open hearts.  She was quite comfortable snuggled into Bob’s arms and chest.
I received an update later in the day that she was already relaxing with Marshall in his favorite chair.
Thank you, Gloria and Bob, for once again opening your hearts and home to another AHFK furbaby.

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