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MN LIcense #132328

Mattie Finds Her Family

“Did you check with Almost Home Foster MN License #132328?”
“I checked the site, they are closed to intake right now.”
Brenda asked this question of Mattie’s owner. She needed to get Mattie out of an abusive environment, she would then work on getting her kids and herself out.
Brenda reached out to Almost Home Foster MN License #132328. “If you can help, I will foster. Let me know if I can help,” was her plea.
Dave and I have been helping the southern states with their cast-offs and throw-aways for over 7 years. We would not overlook a needy soul in our own backyard. We would take care of our own, space or no space.
I contacted Mattie’s momma and arranged a time to pick her up the next day.
There were no records handed over for Mattie. Didn’t matter, she needed to be brought up on all her vaccinations and 4DX test. I called the Albert Lea Veterinary Clinic on our way back home. Bring her right in.
Mattie tested Lyme’s positive. Typically not treated unless symptomatic so we left. One week later, Mattie was in a severe arthritic state, indicating that she had just recently been bit by a deer tick. Deer ticks survive in 32 degree weather! We have been unseasonably warm in Minnesota this year.
Enter Doxycycline. Major improvement in just three days. Then a slight bout of pancreatitis. Change of food, bland diet, restrict fats, and Mattie is once again on the mend.
Today, Mattie went home. Today, Mattie found her furever family. Today, Bill and Brenda, yep the same Brenda that reached out to me to see if AHFK could help, adopted Mattie and welcomed her home. Mattie also gained a fur-sister El’.
Bill could not be present for the meet and greet. He is working out-state, however, his messages and posting comments indicate that he is thrilled and can’t wait to come home to meet her.
Thank you Brenda and Bill for sticking with this little Senior girl in and giving her the family, the home, the life she deserves.
Heart hugs to you both!

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