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Meet Chewy

APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE ON OUR ALMOST HOME FOSTER & RESCUE WEBSITE: almosthomefoster.comAlmost Home Foster Kennels, MN Lic. 132328 is a 501c3, not-for-profit, foster-based, rescue organization. AHFK is located in SE Minnesota, in the Austin/Albert Lea area. AHFK is primarily a Beagle and small dog rescue.

Our focus is to pull from High-Kill Shelters and to save those dogs that are at risk of euthanasia.

All AHFK adoptions require an approved, completed application, a Veterinarian and Personal Reference Check, a smoke-free environment, and a home visit.

Our Adoption fee is $425.00 for a single dog adoption.

All our dogs are completely vetted, 4DX tested, current on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and microchipped.

We are currently accepting adoption applications for Chewy.

Chewy is 7 months is age. He is a breeder-released King Cavalier/Mini-Poodle Mix. He is 1/4 Cavalier, 3/4 Mini Poodle. Chewy will be fully vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered prior to adoption. That is scheduled for this month.

Because he is a breeder-release, with will require more time to adapt to an in-home life. He is crated at night and keeps his bedding clean. He loves the outdoors and loves to run in a fenced yard…who wouldn’t? For many breeder-released pups, Almost Home Foster & Rescue provides their first opportunity to experience the great outdoors…How wonderful that experience must feel. He will, with time, patience and love, make a perfect family pet.

We are looking for a family with at least one parent who works from home or is a stay-at-home pet parent.

When transitioning to a new home, please allow 6–10 weeks for Chewy to adjust. He will need this time to decompress and adjust to a new routine, schedule, and environment. During this time, we will provide check-ins and suggestions to ensure a successful transition.

We take finding the right homes for our furbabies very seriously. They deserve nothing but the best. Please allow 2-7 days for applications to be processed.

Meet and greets are scheduled upon approved, completed application. If interested in Chewy, adoption applications can be filled out and submitted on our website:

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